About Being Here




While Tassajara is an unparalleled experience, it is also a place to be a part of, to create in, and to experience a new sense of community and family. You are welcome to come as you are, wherever you may be on the Path, and meet us there! We are all stewards of the land, and to each other, sharing life’s challenges together.


Our hot springs wash away the grist and dust of daily living. Our food warms the belly and nourishes the soul. The flow of the creek supports us in becoming more present. The air, the skies, and the stars are clear and untainted by city life. Surrounded by inspiring mountain vistas, we can find space to connect more deeply with our authentic selves. Away from the distractions and demands of daily life, we can explore an unconventional way of being.


Our history begins with the indigenous peoples of the coastal tribes, and winds its way through the arrival of European settlers, to the development of our community today. Half a century ago, Tassajara became the first Soto Zen Buddhist monastery established outside of Japan, and continues to welcome visitors, students and teachers of all walks of life. Today, as ever, Tassajara belongs to everyone.


Information About:

  • Pre-existing Medical Conditions
  • Dietary Restrictions
  • Road Risks & Rockslides
  • Temperature & Climate
  • Hydration & Hiking Safety
  • Fire