Green Practice

The San Francisco Zen Center is involved in a continuing exploration and refinement of how the practice of Zen informs and flowers into a concern for how we live our lives. Our practice as individuals and as communities reveals how our lives are supported by the environments around us, both local and global. From this understanding emerges a concern to tread lightly on the earth and share ideas and practices that may realize our own and other people’s intention to do the same.

This area of the San Francisco Zen Center’s web site provides an overview of our environmental practices and offers access to Zen teachings on environmental issues and to the environmental guidelines that are used within our communities and practice centers.

Environmental Practices at Zen Center
City Center brochure
Green Gulch brochure

Environmental Guidelines
Food purchasing guidelines
Flower purchasing guidelines
Building and maintenance guidelines  (by local nonprofit Build It Green, adopted by SFZC)

Environmental Committee

As our practice reveals the assumptions of being separate from the world around us, what steps can we take that challenge and counter that standpoint? As we open to being supported by all things, what actions spring forth to embrace and sustain that which gives us life?

Video: Zen Practice and the Environment

This video features Abiding Abbess of Green Gulch Farm Zen Center Eijun Linda Cutts speaking on the relationship between Zen practice and taking care of the environment.