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Tassajara Fire Update 6/30/2008

Bath House Sprinkler SystemWe are deeply moved by the outpouring of concern and support from our guests and friends, and it is our hope that this web page will keep you as informed as possible on the ever changing news and conditions at Tassajara.

Tassajara is very well prepared with the help and hard work of many people: the Jamesburg crew, Tassajara students, the Forest Service and our friends Ted Marshall and Stuart Carlson. The Forest Service is no longer keeping fire crews at Tassajara because they are more urgently needed elsewhere, but they have expressed their intention to return when the fires come closer to Tassajara.

There are currently 20 students at Tassajara, plus Stuart Carlson and his son. A sprinkler system is now in place on the roofs of the Zendo, Kitchen, Office, Bath House, Stones and Pines, Dining Room, Kaisando, Cabin 1 and the Abbot’s cabin. With the fire crews gone and the bulk of the clearing done, Tassajara has moved into a holding pattern to wait for the fire. They have gone to a work period schedule, which means there is morning and evening zazen and people are able to take some time off.

Meanwhile, the Basin Complex fire has moved a little closer in the past 24 hours, within 2.5 to 3 miles from Tassajara. Right now, the fire is not expected to ‘hit’ Tassajara in one felt swoop. Rather, it is expected that there will be small incidents here and there from various directions.

Simon Moyes returned from Tassajara with photos of firefighting preparations at Tassajara.

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