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Restore and invigorate your mind and body through deep engagement with the practice of your choice. We invite you to join our renowned teachers to explore the variety of ways that Zen Buddhism and other spiritual traditions can inform and enrich your life. Whether you attend a yoga, cooking, or artistic retreat, when combined with the awareness cultivated through Zen meditation, your experience of one tradition is enriched by the other. Although there will be scheduled time for practice in the tradition you have chosen, all retreats include plenty of free time to enjoy the baths, hike, or simply rest and savor a cup of tea.

Select a theme to find out more about the retreats we offer at Tassajara.

Body and Mind: Yoga, Healing, Awareness, Qi

Yoga, Healing, Awareness, Qi
Yoga, Healing, Awareness, Qi
Yoga, Healing, Awareness, Qi

Engaging Earth: Nature, Wildflowers, Culinary Arts

Spiritual Practice: Buddhism, Loving Kindness, Interfaith

Mindful Living: Livelihood, Visioning, Leadership, Well-being

Creative Expression: Visual Arts, Poetry, Music

Retreats begin with meditation instruction at 4:00pm on your day of arrival.

August 2015
08/03 - 08/06 Tassajara Return to a Pure Mind and Joyful Heart: Practice and Breath in Vinyasa, Kundalini and Zen
08/06 - 08/09 Tassajara Long Spine, Spacious Mind: The Cultivation of Yoga and Zen
08/09 - 08/14 Tassajara Stepping Back—Stepping Forth
08/10 - 08/13 Tassajara Real Leadership: Inspiration from the Life of the Buddha
08/14 - 08/16 Tassajara Turning the Light Inward: Sitting and Settling with Yoga and Zen
08/16 - 08/20 Tassajara Replenishing Your Inner Reservoir: Prajna Yoga and Zen Meditation
08/16 - 08/20 Tassajara Wild Heart Writing: Allowing the Creative through Zen
08/20 - 08/23 Tassajara Balanced and Awake: Zen and Yoga to Harmonize Mind and Body
08/20 - 08/23 Tassajara True Person Retreat: Discovering the Life You’re Meant to Live
08/24 - 08/28 Tassajara Body and Nature: Exploring Women’s Wisdom and the Natural World
08/28 - 08/31 Tassajara Manifesting the Wisdom of the Body: A Zen Mind, Yoga Body Retreat
08/28 - 08/31 Tassajara Getting to What Matters: More Love, Less Stuff
08/31 - 09/03 Tassajara Bringing Yoga and Zen Home: Creating and Sustaining a Home Practice

September 2015
09/03 - 09/06 Tassajara Being Grace - Finding Effortlessness in All Things: A Yoga and Zen Meditation Retreat
09/06 - 09/10 Tassajara Sangha Week with Do-On Robert Thomas
09/10 - 09/13 Tassajara The Mind and Body of Practice in Zen and Yoga