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Way of Tea

The Way of Tea is a practice and art that developed in the 15th and 16th centuries in close conjunction with Zen. The Green Gulch tea house is built in the traditional Japanese style within the enclosed space of a tea garden, offering an intimate and protective setting for classes and tea gatherings. The tea program is under the direction of Christy Bartlett Sensei, Director, Urasenke Foundation of California.

For all tea gatherings and classes, please bring a pair of clean socks to wear in the tearoom and wear comfortable clothing; long (over-the-knee) skirt or pants are appropriate.

For more information, please contact the Green Gulch office at 415.383.3134.

Sunday Tea Gatherings
Join us for these monthly gatherings in the quiet, timeless setting of the tea house for conversation, a traditional Japanese sweet, and a bowl of matcha (whisked green tea). Your role as guest is simply to be willing to be fully present and open to the possibilities of this particular gathering of people, this particular time and space. Please register in advance.

Private Tea Gatherings
You are invited to contact us to plan a tea gathering for your friends, family, school, or professional group.

Tea Classes
The introductory series of ten lessons, held in the Green Gulch teahouse, teaches the basics of both making tea and being a guest at a tea gathering.

Tea and Zen Seminar / Workshop 2015
This seminar and workshop offers the opportunity to study tea in the Urasenke tradition, join the community in Zen meditation, explore the connection between Zen and the Way of Tea, and enjoy the relaxed setting of a temple in the midst of a National Recreation Area.