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Art Exhibit, April 2014: ONE HUNDRED YEARS! A Photo Exhibit of Mitsu Suzuki Sensei

April 2014
in the City Center Art Lounge
300 Page Street
San Francisco

Photographs by Barbara Lubanksi-Wenger and Mitsue Nagase

Reception: Saturday, April 26, 11 am - 12:30 pm
(See A White Tea Bowl: A Book Event Celebrating Mitsu Suzuki Sensei's 100th Birthday)

This April, Okusan Sensei turns 100 years old. In celebration of her life and the publishing of her book, A White Tea Bowl: 100 Haiku from 100 Years of Life, Zen Center is featuring an exhibit of photographs of the wife of the late Suzuki Roshi. This exhibit includes photos by
Barbara Lubanski-Wenger from 40 years ago, and photos by Mitsue Nagase from just six months ago.

Mitsue Nagase is a photographer and Zen student. She has been documenting what is happening in Zen practice worldwide.  She visited Mitsu Suzuki Sensei in Japan last fall:
Meeting with Mitsu Sensei was a truly amazing experience. I was impressed by her bright, curious mind as well as by her generous kind heart. We had a great laugh together, and my entire being felt uplifted after this visit.

Barbara Lubanski-Wenger came to Zen Center in 1973 and was the Windbell photographer for many years. Currently she has a website of photos at lubanski-wenger-photography.com. Barbara is lay ordained and was shuso in 1994. She was on the Zen Center board for six years. Her husband is Michael Wenger, the founding teacher at Dragons Leap temple in San Francisco.

Barbara recalls:
Before she came to Zen Center, Suzuki Sensei was a kindergarten teacher in Japan, and she loved to sing.  When my son Nathan was born, she taught him to sing "Haru Ga Kita" (Spring Has Come). Every morning when we'd go off to school, Sensei would lean out her window and sing that song to us. The melody and words captured our hearts. Hearing the song today always brings tears to my eyes.