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An All Day Ink Painting Workshop, CC 10/7

Sunday, October 7
10 am - 4 pm
with Michael Hofmann and Ikushin Dana Velden

Conference Center at 308 Page Street

Nanga (Southern Painting), also known as the Literati Style of sumi-e, has its roots in 12th century China. Many of the early Nanga painters in Japan were 18th century Zen priests of the Obaku sect based in southern Kyoto. As opposed to Northern Style painting which tends to be more academic and focused on technique, Nanga emphasizes individuality and expressive brush work and retains its Taoist roots.

The workshop will be geared toward beginners but could be interesting for artists who usually work with more Western materials. There will be an emphasis on expressive and spontaneous brushwork rather than formal technique. Along with some guided instruction (stroke by stroke), there will be a variety of themes for individual exploration. We will also sit meditation together and have short tea and discussion sessions.

In the morning, after grinding our own ink, we will learn how to handle the brush to create various tones and textures, and simple motifs. One of the themes will be a portrait of Bodhidharma, the first patriarch of Zen.

In the afternoon, we'll work with some abstract themes - ending up with collage and inviting serendipity as a partner.

Retreat fee: $80; $72 current SFZC members; $64 limited income. Includes lunch and tea.

To Register: Use the Ticket Table below. Or call our toll free number 888.743.9362 or our local number 415.475.9362.