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Are You Turning the Flower or Is the Flower Turning You? A Personal Exploration of the Wheel of Dependent Co-Arising (Class), CC 1/30 - 3/20

with Beata Chapman
Thursdays, January 30 - March 20, 2014
(8 classes)
7:30 - 9 pm

As Zen practitioners, we all want to end suffering for ourselves and others. In this class, we will explore in-depth the 12-fold chain and its implications for everyday practice of the Bodhisattva Way. The Wheel of Dependent Co-Arising is an ancient Buddhist cosmology that explains in detail how we and other beings, in each moment, “become” again and again. It explains why beings suffer and how we can personally end suffering moment by moment.

Participants will be invited into the Wheel of Life through reading and dialogue. Each student will express his or her own personal wheel of dependent arising by creating an individualized wheel based on his or her own life experience. This class is also helpful for focusing on a specific hindrance or obstacle in one’s life and applying the practice of turning the flower in that particular area.

Fees: $120; $108 current SFZC members; $96 limited income. Some partial scholarships available. (About Registration, Scholarships and Cancellations.)

To Register: Use the ticket table below to register online. Or call our toll free number (888.743.9362) or our local number (415.475.9362).

About Registration, Scholarships and Cancellations