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Zen Center's Outreach programs express, make accessible and embody the wisdom and compassion of Buddha by promoting kind and generous engagement in society. These programs currently include practical support for disadvantaged populations, advocating for adoption of compassionate social values utilizing the talents and time of Zen Center sanghas and interfaith activities.

Objective 1: Engage with the people and environment of our immediate neighborhoods.

Objective 2: To be of service to and advocate for populations in need in the wider community.


  • Support the practice of prison inmates through correspondence with sangha volunteers
  • Provide hot meals to homeless persons
  • Provide fresh vegetables from GGF to homeless people
  • Offer supplemental activities and support to persons and families living in shelters
  • Collaborate with other organizations to advocate for resources to the homeless
  • Continue to develop new projects to provide spiritual and practical support


Objective 3: Intra-Buddhist and Interfaith participation


  • Collaborate with other religious organizations in creating events and activities that further our common goals
  • Develop and maintain relationships with other individual and Buddhist organizations so that we support each other in practicing and teaching socially engaged Buddhism
  • Respond to requests from intrafaith and interfaith organizations to participate in activities
  • Promote interfaith study and dialogue


Objective 4: Promote and expand our sangha's engagement to support the expression of Buddhist values in all spheres of human interaction at the local, regional and international levels


  • Meditation and stress reduction classes in prisons and drug rehab centers
  • Activities that promote peace
  • Develop more volunteer activity at Zen Center, and broaden its impact community-wide
  • Outreach to schools (public and private)


Objective 5: Develop and promote what Zen Center has learned about service and activism at all practice centers and to our wider sangha


  • Place the outreach function under the supervision of the Abbots and explore appropriate staffing
  • Seek funds to support this work
  • Develop a chaplaincy program
  • Study and articulate appropriate responses such as non-violent communication, a sustainable environment, economic justice and human rights