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Mark Lachman

I was elected to the Board in December 2010 and am running for my second and final term. My last three years have been spent as Chair of the Development Committee. During that time we have changed from an advisory committee to one that reaches out to donors.

I began sitting at City Center in the late 80s and participated in a practice period. After sitting for about 10 years, I married and pretty much dropped my practice with the birth of our twin girls. Another 10 years passed and wanting to start sitting again, I participated in Establishing the Path of Practice, which brought me back to Zen Center regularly.

I know there are a lot of people like me who want to support SFZC and engage with it but whose lives are very involved in activities far removed from the three temples. How to reach these individuals and build a pathway for them to become involved and support Zen Center is the mission of the Development Committee and my personal, overwhelming desire.

I have been a professional fundraiser for over 15 years and see fundraising as an essential part of Buddhist practice. There is no separation between practice and fundraising. Without the support of donors, San Francisco Zen Center is not self-sustaining. It’s very important that people understand this.

By reaching out to others, we help transmit one of the world’s great spiritual traditions, strengthen Zen Center and keep alive the spirit and teachings of Suzuki Roshi. I’m looking forward to serving my next term. We must build a stable committee that can carry on this tradition of widening the circle, making sure all paths lead to the support of San Francisco Zen Center, for generations to come.