Work Practice Apprenticeships

Earn Practice Period Scholarships

Students in the Work Practice Apprenticeship Program are eligible to earn Practice Period scholarships to be used at one of SFZC’s three locations (Tassajara, City Center and Green Gulch). Summer students participating for the complete guest season and three weeks of work period (five months) are eligible to earn two Practice Period scholarships, while students participating in three consecutive months may earn one Practice Period scholarship.

If you are interested in applying for the WPA Program, please plan your arrival and departure at Tassajara so that you fulfill the three or five month requirement. To earn one practice period scholarship, the three months must occur within the dates of guest season (between April 30 and September 13, 2020). In order to earn two practice period credits, students must work the entire guest season and three weeks of work period (April 7 – September 13, 2020). If you decide after you arrive that you’d like to apply for the WPA program, you can explore options with the Director.

Eligibility for a scholarship does not guarantee acceptance to a practice period or center, which is determined through a separate application procedure. Also, admission into a practice period at Tassajara requires that you complete at least one practice period at either City Center or Green Gulch first.

Work Practice Apprentices are eligible to receive a scholarship of $25 per month for the purchase of personal necessities. Students who have not been accepted into the WPA program, or who work less than three months during the official guest season, will neither earn a practice period scholarship nor receive the $25 scholarship. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask the Director for further clarification. Click here for information on how to apply.

For those interested in joining our summer kitchen staff as apprentices we are offering a five-month Tassajara Zen Kitchen Apprenticeship. Students with an interest in culinary work may apply for this apprenticeship.