Engaging Earth Retreats:

     Wildflowers and Wilderness

The glorious earth and its bounty become the focus of meditative action. As we experience our interconnectedness with living things, we find a more peaceful, positive, and joyful way to live in the world. Realize Beginner’s Mind as you explore wilderness trails and engage with wild flora and fauna.

The Nature of Zen, TJ 4/26 – 4/29

with Steven Harper and Leslie James

Wildflowers and Birds of Tassajara, TJ 5/10 – 5/14

with Diane Renshaw, Myo-on Gloria Lee and Zenshin Greg Fain

Loving the Mountains: The Zen of Hiking and Yoga in the Majestic Tassajara Mountains, TJ 5/28 – 5/31

with Ann Averbach and Shundo David Haye