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Dear Tassajara Guests,

This fall is the 94th practice period held at Tassajara Zen Mountain Center. 48 practitioners have come to the mountains to immerse themselves in sitting practice, study, silence, and meeting themselves. They also continue the ongoing practice of taking care of Tassajara so that you too can encounter this mountain valley and meet yourself anew when you visit in the 2015 Guest Season.  

 It is very quiet here since the Tassajara Creek continues to be low. This is no surprise in our 3rd year of drought and the driest year in California history. Still, the hot mineral springs generously give us their treasure, as they have done for millennia.  The winter rains we trust will refresh the Creek and the whole forest.

We had a wonderful trial run of “Dharma Rain”, the water system for wetting down all the cabins and buildings in case of fire. The  “sprinkler-birds” on top of the roofs did their job and the test went well, allowing us to further refine the system. Thank you again to all who helped to support this vital project that will protect Tassajara through the years.

We know that each of our guests, those who have been coming for years and those who are new, develop a special and close feeling for Tassajara. And it is not because of the mountain air, the wilderness or the good food, or even the hot springs baths. My intuition is that when we have a rare chance to slow down, rest, come close to nature, and appreciate our life, we meet ourselves and others in a new way, in a deep way---that can hardly be described; even though it is hard to express we know it and long for it. We can call that Tassajara.

Please know that you are welcome to come once again to this place of peace and renewal.

Bowing with gratitude,
Linda Ruth Cutts
Central Abbess