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Stepping Back—Stepping Forth

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Patricia Sullivan
Eijun Linda Cutts

with Patricia Sullivan and Eijun Linda Cutts
August 9-14, 2015 (Sunday-Friday)

All levels welcome.

Turning the light of awareness inward, finding nourishing integration through Yoga and Zen.

The morning yoga classes will include explorations in stabilizing and realigning the body through simple movements that make more complicated yoga asanas more accessible. These movements release compensatory habit patterns and reintroduce stability where it is lacking. Through this work we awaken to a more refined awareness of our relationship with gravity and notice greater freedom from the limitations and pain caused by misalignments. Discover accessibility to and enjoyment in Zen practice through dharma talks, discussion, and direct experience of our subtle and expansive nature, with a thoroughly grounded sense of being alive.

Retreat fee:
$385 ($327/Member)


Related Bio(s):

Patricia Sullivan

Patricia Sullivan’s 37 years of experience teaching yoga bring a natural joy and ease of being through emphasis on process, exploration, and individual attention. She contributes this depth of experience in teacher trainings and retreats for various institutions, and in one-to-one therapeutic sessions. Patricia has been co-leading Tassajara Yoga-Zen retreats for 27 years..

Eijun Linda Cutts

Eijun Linda Cutts came to San Francisco Zen Center in 1971 and was ordained as a priest in 1975. She has lived at Tassajara and City Center, and has resided at Green Gulch since 1993. She served as Abbess of SFZC from 2000 to 2007, and as Abiding Abbess of Green Gulch Farm Zen Center from 2010 to 2014. She is currently SFZC's Central Abbess. She has been co-leading Yoga-Zen retreats for many years at both Tassajara and Green Gulch.