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Study Week: Aspiration of the Awakened Heart, How a Drop of Water Enters the Ocean

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Kokyo Henkel
Shoho Kuebast
with Kokyo Henkel and Shoho Kuebast
July 23-27, 2014 (Wednesday–Sunday)

Bodhichitta, the aspiration to realize complete awakening and selflessness for the benefit of all beings, is a central practice of Mahayana Buddhism and Zen. It is this wish that is the driving force of our practice path. While the aspiration for awakening is already our true heart, there are many traditional practice methods for applying antidotes to the shadows that might cover it, including meditating on wisdom with compassion, as well as sitting, bowing, and chanting. Thus, in this study week, we want to look deeply into the conditions for uncovering our awakened heart and explore expressions that support this unfolding. One place to start is the ten vows of Samantabhadra Bodhisattva from the Flower Ornament Sutra. With this and other teachings in mind, we will personalize traditional practices, as well as explore our doubts about “religion”, “superstition”, “gaining idea”, “future lives”, etc.

The rate for Study Week is $68 per person, per day for shared guest accommodations. If you are traveling with a companion, private rooms are available for two. Spaces are limited; please call Reservations at (888) 743-9362 to register.

Related Bio(s):

Kokyo Henkel

Kokyo Henkel has been practicing Zen since 1990 in residence at Tassajara Zen Mountain Center, Green Gulch Farm Zen Center, and Bukkokuji Monastery in Japan. He was ordained as a priest in 1994 by Tenshin Anderson Roshi and received Dharma Transmission from him in 2010. Kokyo is currently Head Teacher at Santa Cruz Zen Center and the partner of Shoho Kuebast.

Shoho Kuebast

Shoho Kuebast was ordained as a priest by Vanja Palmers in 2000 and then practiced at SFZC for ten years in residence at all the three places. Since 2010 she followed her wish to explore Buddhist practices of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, in particular the Nyingma lineage. Here, her connection with Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche led to the enrollment at the Rangjung Yeshe Institute for Buddhist Studies in Kathmandu, where she currently studies in BA program.