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Being Grace - Finding Effortlessness in All Things: A Yoga and Zen Meditation Retreat

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Stacie Overby
Cloud Mountain Graham Ross
with Stacie Overby and Cloud Mountain Graham Ross
September 3–6 (Thursday-Sunday)

1 year of yoga practice recommended.

Immerse yourself in the practice of ease - cultivating a place to rest inside through mindful, vinyasa flow yoga and Zen meditation.

When we practice yoga with the intention of cultivating self awareness and refining our ability to focus our attention, we truly embark upon a meditation in motion. The rhythmic syncing of breath with movement facilitates a deep connection towards one's inner being - a journey home to oneself, a place we can rest inside. Each day will include yoga practices, dharma teachings and meditation. The integration of these practices will provide a rich tapestry of experience intended to ease and open the heart, body and mind. There will also be ample time to enjoy Tassajara's hot springs and surrounding wilderness, bringing our practice back into the world.

Retreat fee:
$265 ($225/Member)

Please note that the retreat fee does not include accommodations. Retreats begin late afternoon on the indicated start date and end in the morning on the indicated end date. Visit the Rooms & Rates section and determine your preferred accommodations before making your reservations request online.

Related Bio(s):

Stacie Overby

Stacie Overby views yoga as a spiritual, psychological, and energetic journey that inspires greater understanding of and connection to the true Self within. She believes in the potency of breath as the most powerful natural resource for deep transformation and connection to spirit. Her vigorous Vinyasa-style classes emphasize the integration of breath and movement, meditation and pranayama transforming the practice into a holistic exploration of the mind, body and soul. She also draws on her background as a dancer to evoke inner grace and balance in a safe, creative environment.

Cloud Mountain Graham Ross

Cloud Mountain Graham Ross has been practicing residentially at Tassajara since 2004. He was ordained by Ryushin Paul Haller in 2007 and was Shuso (Head Monk) in 2010. Graham currently serves as the Ino (Head of the Meditation Hall) at Tassajara and was one of the five people who met the fires at Tassajara in 2008. Graham received a 1st degree black belt in 2002 in the Saito Sensei lineage of Aikido.