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Larry Yang

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Not One, Not Two: A Vipassana and Zen Retreat
08/20/2012 - 08/23/2012

Larry Yang teaches meditation and mindfulness nationally for sitting groups, daylong retreats, and residential retreats. He provides special focus on multicultural populations, including communities of color, and Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer communities. In the Bay Area, he teaches at Spirit Rock Meditation Center and the East Bay Meditation Center, and is on the Board of both organizations.

He has spent six months as a monastic in Thailand and is trained as a Dharma teacher by Jack Kornfield and Thai meditation master Ajahn Tong. He is part of the core teaching team of the Spirit Rock Community Dharma Leaders Training Program which serves to train future Buddhist spiritual leaders nationally and internationally.

In addition, Larry is trained as a clinical social worker and as a psychotherapist. He is a consultant in cultural competency which he has taught at the UC Berekely graduate school of Social Welfare. Larry has worked in chemical dependency programs, hospice, community mental health, and at San Francisco General Hospital as the clinical social work supervisor for the outpatient psychotherapy clinic. He and his husband have two grandchildren and many conversations about how relationship practice is about spiritual practice. His website is:


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