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Zen and Aikido

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Ron Wada
with Ron Wada and Myozen Joan Amaral
June 22-24 (Friday-Sunday)

$170 ($145/Member)

Discover how zazen and Aikido work together to enhance our ability to find our center, overcome internal barriers, and creatively engage with life as it is.

Aikido helps to unify mind, body and spirit in our center and connect with others from that unified whole. When practiced together, zazen and Aikido can blend, spark, inspire and reinforce each other in subtle and far-reaching ways. We will apply basic Aikido practices to learn two profoundly useful skills: unifying our whole being to touch and be touched by others; and learning how to fall safely. We will also practice basic sword movements to learn stance, centering, and body alignment. The practice will be gentle and designed for beginners; the movements will involve the whole body and may be moderately aerobic.

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Ron Wada
Ron Wada holds a 4th degree black belt in Aikido and currently trains and teaches at Bay Marin Aikido in San Rafael, CA. He has 16 years experience teaching Aikido at beginning and advanced levels.