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About Getting to Tassajara

Tassajara Road and the Stage (Guest Season information only)

Please note that Tassajara is closed to visitors during the monastic season from late September until early April.

The only vehicle access to Tassajara from Jamesburg is a fourteen-mile dirt road which takes at least an hour to drive and cannot be safely navigated by all cars, especially some with automatic transmissions. If you drive an SUV, please do activate the four-wheel drive.

Transportation for students

Map to TassajaraTHE STAGE
An eight-passenger, four-wheel-drive vehicle known as the Stage is available from Jamesburg. We particularly recommend taking the stage if this is your first visit to Tassajara. The Stage boards at 10:15 am and departs Jamesburg at 10:30 am. If there is a high enough demand, we will also offer an afternoon stage, boarding at 1:15 pm. The Stage usually departs Tassajara at 3 pm. (Occasionally we may have to run the stage at different times.) The round trip fare is $55 per person. Reservations are required, and the Stage is available only for overnight guests.

To access our ride share board click here.

From the north,take Hwy 101 south to the Hwy 156 / Monterey Peninsula exit at Prunedale. Follow Hwy 156 to Hwy 1 south. From Hwy 1 turn left at Carmel Valley Road and follow it until you reach Tassajara Road on the right.

From the south,take Hwy 101 north to Greenfield. Turn left onto G16 (Elm Avenue). Turn left at E. Carmel Valley Rd/G16/Jamesburg-Arroyo Seco Rd., go 8.7 miles until you reach Tassajara Road on your left.

Turn onto Tassajara Road and continue until you reach Jamesburg (beginning of dirt road), where you may park your car if you have booked the Stage, or continue driving into Tassajara.

Google Maps Driving Directions to Jamesburg/Stage

Google Maps Driving Directions to Tassajara

Driving Directions (PDF).

For the last 14 miles, Tassajara Road is a winding dirt road with sheer drop-offs and a steep, narrow descent over the last five miles. Four-wheel-drive or standard transmission is recommended. We urge you to observe the following precautions if you choose to drive this road:

Make sure your car is in good working order, paying special attention to brakes, fuel, and cooling system. Fuel and repair services are not available at Tassajara or Jamesburg. The last gas stations are at Carmel Valley and Greenfield.

Travel during the cooler hours of the day if possible to avoid overheating the engine.

As you begin your descent over the last five miles, shift into the lowest possible gear and PUMP your brakes as needed. DO NOT apply steady pressure to your brakes or they will overheat.

If your brakes begin to overheat or feel mushy, pull over immediately and allow them to cool for at least 20 minutes before continuing.

The closest airports are Monterey (2 hrs.), San Jose (4 hrs.), and San Francisco (5 hrs.). Please allow ample time for travel and stage connections into Tassajara.

Note: To see Tassajara with Google Earth, use coordinates 36.2337°,-121.5501°.