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Zen Meditation & Practice

Classes & Extended Courses
Buddhism has a 2,500-year history and there have been many schools of Buddhist thought, and many styles of practice. Study is traditional in Zen monasteries as zazen and intellectual understanding inform and deepen each other.

Daily Schedule
Zazen is the very core of our practice. In the Soto Zen tradition, zazen, formal service, and ceremonies are the bodily enactment of our vow to awaken for the benefit of all beings. The daily schedule and all of our activities are designed to support the community's daily zazen practice.

Practice Periods
Practice periods are led by one of our resident teachers and usually focus on a particular teaching or aspect of practice. A practice period is the traditional Buddhist way to deepen and intensify one's practice.

Sunday Program

A $5 donation for support of the temple is suggested at the morning program; lunch donation is separate.