Video: Myogen Steve Stücky on Tassajara

The following videos at Tassajara in 2013 record an interview with Zen Center's former central abbot, the late Myogen Steve Stücky, who passed away December 31, 2013.

Part 1 (9:19) presents some very general background on Tassajara, as well as on Zen and meditation. Part 2 (13:29) gives more detail about daily life at Tassajara and a brief history of Zen.

Abbot Myogen Talks Part 1 from Urban Warrior Academy on Vimeo.

Abbot Myogen Talks Part 2 from Urban Warrior Academy on Vimeo.

Special thanks to Ryan Gray, a retreat participant and videographer, for making these videos available to share Steve’s voice as well as an introduction to Zen practice and Tassajara.