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Ride Type Starting Point Departure Date Destination Center Event Name
Need a Ride city center (or Upper Haight) 6/5/2014 tassajara City Center guest practice shannon bryant
Need a Ride San Francisco 5/12/2014 Tassajara City Center The Four Foundations of Mindfulness and Recovery Andreas Levi
Need a Ride City Center 5/3/2014 Jamesburg or Tassajara Tassajara Sangha Week Lorna Weir
Need a Ride Tassajara 5/8/2014 San Francisco Tassajara Sangha Week Lorna  Weir
Need a Ride Bay Area 6/3/2014 Tassjara Tassajara Work-Practice apprenticeship Michael Rose
Need a Ride San Francisco or Monterey 5/20/2014 Tassajara Monterey jamesburg Tassajara Work practice Vinny Perrone

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