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Ride Type Starting Point Departure Date Destination Center Event Name
Need a Ride SF or carmel 5/23/2914 tassajara Tassajara poetry chuck ziegler
Need a Ride San Fransisco 4/19/2025 Green Gulch Green Gulch Guest Practice Retreat Jillian  
Need a Ride Test 12/12/2015 Test City Center Test Test 
Need a Ride Monterrey 8/10/2015 Tassajara stage Tassajara Real Leadership: Inspiration from the Life of the Lyndon Rego
Need a Ride San Jose/ Santa Clara 8/8/2015 Green Gulch Green Gulch guest student Jennifer De Long
Need a Ride San Francisco 8/15/2015 Green Gulch Farm City Center Practice of Samadhi in Zen & Yoga Kathe Burick
Need a Ride City center 9/12/3015 Green Gulch Green Gulch Saturday sit Jane 
Offering a Ride test 12/31/2015 test Green Gulch test test 

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