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Ride Type Starting Point Departure Date Destination Center Event Name
Need a Ride SF or carmel 5/23/2914 tassajara Tassajara poetry chuck ziegler
Need a Ride Santa Cruz 8/12/2014 Tassajara Other Workshop Chirin Limbaugh
Need a Ride Tassajara 8/3/2014 San Francisco Tassajara Restorative Yoga Retreat Cheryl Thomas
Need a Ride monterrey 8/16/2014 Tassajara Tassajara some work study thomas szekelly
Need a Ride SF Bay Area (east bay) 8/18/2014 Tassajara Other Work study Jim Tomlinson
Need a Ride San Francisco 7/27/2014 Green Gulch Green Gulch Prajna Yoga and Zen Meditation Nina 
Need a Ride berkeley 8/23/2014 tassajara Other work practice kika susan hellein
Need a Ride San Francisco 7/25/2014 Jamestown Tassajara True Self retreat Rachele Eve

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