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Affiliated Groups

Branching Streams
Visit the new Branching Streams website at http://branchingstreams.sfzc.org.

Branching Streams is a network of Dharma centers in the tradition of Suzuki Roshi. Our intention is to encourage the practice of Soto Zen in inclusive and creative ways in centers large and small. The members of the group will stay in touch with each other and learn from each other’s experience. Branching Streams exists to explore our interconnectedness, to nourish each other’s practice, and to find new ways to benefit each other.

Here is a current listing of the Branching Streams sanghas.

Related Groups
Buddhism is often likened to a lotus plant. One of the characteristics of the lotus is that it throws off many seeds from which new plants grow. Following are web links to Zen centers closely related to San Francisco Zen Center.