Realizing the Essence and Embracing the 10,000 Things

Three-Week Summer Intensive
led by Abbot Ryushin Paul Haller
July 7 - 27

Now in the West, we have easy access to a wide array of Buddhist teachings from many traditions and the opportunity to practice them in diverse multicultural society. With a solid foundation of zazen and the monastic schedule, this intensive will investigate the essential being of the Buddha Way and let this inquiry shed the light of the Dharma on the challenges facing us in our everyday lives.

Teachers from a wide variety of Buddhist traditions, including Shin and Ch'an, will present their understanding of the Buddha Way. The Intensive will include some participation in their traditional practices along with their diverse sanghas and help us to realize that the essence of Buddhism has flowered in a multitude of forms, colors and ways.

Included in the daily schedule will be:
  • Zazen (7 periods/day)
  • Daily classes
  • Formal oryoki meals in the zendo
  • Mindful samu (work practice)
  • Yoga classes
  • 5-day sesshin

Residential participation in the full practice period schedule: $800 shared room; $950 private room.

Click here to download a practice period application.