Cultivating the Way: The Six Perfections, GGF 4/30 – 6/4

With Jiryu Rutschman-Byler
Five Mondays, April 30 – June 4, 7:30 – 9 pm (no class May 28)

Zen teaches clearly that when we let go of everything we think we are, and everything we think the world is, our basic Buddha Nature can shine and function freely. If we just get out of the way, this basic nature will respond spontaneously and appropriately to whatever arises, harmonizing with and bringing benefit to all beings.

There is also in Buddhism a vital and complementary teaching that our ancient and unhelpful habits of body, speech, and mind can’t just be sidestepped in a “letting go” that fails to really face and wrestle with our deep greed, hatred, and delusion. There is long, careful cultivation that we must undertake if we are to achieve true maturity in the Buddhist sense.

Right at this intersection of sudden and gradual, of perfect spontaneous enlightenment and the slow cultivation of virtue, lies the teaching of the paramitas, or perfections—the virtues that go beyond virtue.

In this class we will explore and consider together how to cultivate the six paramitas (generosity, discipline, patience, energy, concentration, and wisdom), drawing inspiration from Zen and broader Buddhist teaching as well as from our own lives and practice.

Fees: $100; $90 current SFZC members; $60 limited income. Some partial scholarships available.

To Register: Please call the Green Gulch Farm main office at 415.383.3134 or the SFZC Reservations Office at 888.743.9362 or 415.475.9362. Or fill out this online form to have the Reservations Office contact you by phone or email to assist your registration.

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