Volunteer Program

We are grateful you have navigated your way here to find out more about our volunteer program. Welcome!

2019 Volunteer Orientation Days
Begins over lunch at the deck near the sauna at 12:30 pm
Dates TBA

One of our Zen mottos is “Working Hard, Accomplishing Nothing.” This may seem odd but it may also be a relief to consider―especially since for most of our lives, we are actually encouraged to work very hard and to accomplish as much as we can.

At Green Gulch, we have a radically different take on work―and life, for that matter. When we cease from looking at work as “trying to get something,” even for a moment, it opens pathways for other experiences to emerge.

Outlined below are some of the opportunities being offered at GGF for you to “work hard and accomplish nothing” while growing with the volunteer community, learning and sharing skills, and enjoying the bounty of the Green Gulch farm, kitchen, and boundless other areas. We are deeply grateful and look forward to meeting you.

Muffin making
Youth & Family Program

Volunteer Orientations

We offer a volunteer orientation one Sunday a month. The orientation lasts about 1½ hours, and begins over lunch at 12:30 pm on the deck near the sauna.

Our volunteers have found these orientations very useful with regards to familiarizing themselves with Green Gulch Farm and also welcoming with regards to meeting other volunteers and having a chance to talk and learn about the different areas of work we offer here. Please contact the volunteer coordinator Karena Franses at [email protected] if you wish to be included in the next orientation. All volunteers will need to attend an orientation before starting work here. The volunteer coordinator will let you know by email the date of the next orientation. We hope you can join us.

We have a dedicated group of volunteers who have been with us for years and have found the work and support enriching to their lives. We, in turn, have been enriched by their offering. Should you wish to find out more about us or if you are ready to volunteer, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): [PDF] [Word]

General volunteer info: Please contact the volunteer coordinator through leaving a message at the Green Gulch office at 415-383-3128 or [email protected] if you would like to volunteer at Green Gulch or have questions regarding the program. Thank you.