Meeting Trauma and Finding Balance: A Somatic Approach

With Rev. Jiko Jane Lazar, SEP
in the Wheelwright Center at Green Gulch Farm

  Sunday, October 20, 10 am – 5 pm

In our daily lives and our spiritual practices, we may encounter situations or internal states that are difficult to meet with compassionate presence. This could be the result of accumulated stress or trauma, which may leave our physiology in a habitual or easily triggered state of fight, flight or freeze. We may experience this as constriction in our body, emotional reactivity, or intrusive thinking, and it may manifest in many other ways. Even those who don’t identify with trauma may touch upon layers of overwhelm or distress in their systems as they practice, and may benefit from the skills taught in this workshop.

In this one-day workshop, we will develop our innate resources for calming activated states of fight, flight and freeze, and restoring a sense of balance and flow. Using your resources this way is a skill which you can practice immediately in your daily life. It is beneficial for everyday stress as well as unresolved traumatic stress, and because these somatic practices cut through discursive thought, they can help deepen meditation states.

We will also discuss how mindfulness is actually the basis of these skills, and how to take care not to reinforce painful traumatic symptoms in the name of mindfulness.

The principles and skills taught in this workshop are based on mindfulness teachings and on Somatic Experiencing®, an approach to resolving life stress or trauma, developed by Dr. Peter Levine. These skills can be practiced on your own. There will be optional experiential exercises as well as presentation and discussion.

Fee: $115; $103 current SFZC members; $92 limited income. Fee includes lunch. Some partial scholarships available.

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