Living from Integrity and Compassion: Exploring the Teachings and Practices of Yoga and Zen, GGF 3/7 – 10

With Patricia Sullivan and Furyu Nancy Schroeder
in Still Water Hall at Green Gulch Farm Zen Center

  March 7 – 10; 3 pm Thursday – 1 pm Sunday

Although distinct practices, Hatha Yoga and Zen Buddhism have many supportive and complimentary teachings as well. Both traditions offer practices and guidance in living from integrity and compassion in this world. The two daily asana (posture) classes are led by Patricia Sullivan and the Zen meditations and discussions by Furyu Schroeder, Abiding Abbess at Green Gulch Farm; a dynamic duo.

The morning yoga classes will include active postures taken from the Iyengar system as well as other traditions. Deep relaxation is always included along with meditation. In the yoga classes we embody the poses through awareness to detail with an emphasis on curiosity, exploration, and modification according to individual need. We cultivate strength and suppleness in the physical body as well as sensitivity in order to better notice how our thoughts, feelings, and intentions affect our actions in the daily life of relationships. This includes personal relationship as well as our relationship with all beings.

In the afternoon, each student will be thoroughly supported in specifically targeted Restorative Postures, the very shape of which both pacify and deeply nourish us and allow us to rest in our true heart, our true nature and penetrate beyond the surface of our body/mind/heart.

Fee: $275; $247 current SFZC members; $220 limited income. Housing fees are separate.

  • Please note that the retreat fee does not include accommodations. To make your room reservation, please call the Green Gulch office at 415-383-3134. (This retreat is not open to day participants/commuters.)
  • Some partial scholarships available for the retreat fees only.
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