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Buddha's Birthday Celebration, GGF 4/28

Photo by Donn DeAngelo
Sunday, April 28

This is a wonderful day for families and children of all ages. Parents can go to zazen while children help decorate the pagoda house for the baby Buddha and hear the story of the birth of Buddha. There is a formal ceremony followed by a procession, the pageant and birthday cake. Pack a picnic, bring your friends and come join us for a wonderful celebration of spring on the main lawn at Green Gulch Farm.

9:15am - lunchtime: Children's Program
10 am: Dharma Talk by Eijun Linda Cutts

  9:15 amZazen in zendo; Children's Program on the main lawn
10:00 amDharma talk
11:30 amProcession, Pageant and Picnic

Suggested donation: $30 per family

We are in need of volunteer performers and musicians for the event. If you would like to be involved, please contact Hakusho Ostlund: , 415 354 0428.

Buddha's Birthday Celebration Returns - May 1, 2011: Annie Hallatt and Norman Fischer on the history of the pageant at Green Gulch Farm and its revival in 2011.