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Construction Status

Public Impacts of Cloud Hall Renovation 2014

The work being done at Green Gulch Farm Zen Center throughout the spring and summer to upgrade student housing will have significant impacts on Green Gulch public offerings and programs. Work began on April 14. Repairs have also been scheduled at the Lindisfarne Guest House during this time.

Check the Renovation and Restoration blog for updates throughout the season.

Sunday Program

From April through August we will not be offering public lunch. Other elements of the Sunday program—zazen instruction, tea, muffins, dharma talk and Q&A—will continue as usual. (Any exceptions will be noted on the calendar.)

The main lawn will be a construction zone, and parking will be reduced (see below).

Guest House

The Lindisfarne Guest House will be closed to guests during April and May, and conferences will not be scheduled for those months.

Weekend guest stays will be scheduled beginning in June, and continuing through August, with the guest house open only for Friday and Saturday night reservations.

Full guest house availability will resume in September.

Conference Program

We will be closed to conferences for April and May.

Beginning in June, and continuing through August, we will be available for day conferences on weekends only.

The full conference program will resume in September.


Generally, parking will be extremely limited, and we will be urging everyone to carpool and to connect with our Green Gulch rideshare program (information and signups are available on Sundays at Green Gulch).

If you will be coming to Green Gulch as a guest or for a conference, please consider arranging common transportation with your group or via the Zen Center Rideshare Board.