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Konin Melissa Cardenas

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Sutra Copying: One Brush Stroke at a Time, CC 1/31
Establishing the Path of Practice 2014
09/27/2014 - 07/18/2015
Dharma en Espaņol
Konin began the practice of Zen meditation in 1987, and continued as a householder until she was ordained a Soto Zen priest by Sekkei Harada Roshi in 2007. She has practiced at Hosshinji in Japan, at Tassajara in the California Ventana Wilderness, and at San Francisco Zen Center’s City Center. Shosan Victoria Austin is her senior practice leader. Prior to residential practice, Konin was a finance professional and earned an MBA from the University of California, Berkeley. As a first generation Latina, Konin is fluent in Spanish, and she also speaks some Japanese. Currently she is the leader of the group Dharma en Español, a Spanish-language Zen study group at City Center, and co-chair of the SFZC Cultural Awareness and Inclusivity Committee. She works as a spiritual care counselor at Pathways Home Health and Hospice in Oakland, California, She has been a long-time practitioner of yoga, and is an amateur calligrapher and sumi-e painter. She is the mother of a lovely 22 year-old daughter.

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