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Sejiki Ceremony and Halloween Dinner, CC 10/31
October 31, 5:30 pm

Sejiki is a traditional Japanese Zen Buddhist ceremony for the spirits of departed ones. This powerful ceremony summons forth all restless spirits and pacifies agitation and violence within and without.

Buddha's Enlightenment Ceremony, CC 12/6
Saturday, December 6, 2014
6:40 am, at time of morning service

Shakyamuni Buddha made a vow that he would continue to sit in meditation until he either died or found the truth. On the morning of the seventh day of his meditation, he experienced enlightenment. This ceremony commemorates that moment. It includes chanting accompanied by a drum during a circumambulation of the Buddha Hall.

Winter Solstice Ceremony, CC 12/22
Words of the season are offered in the equinox and solstice ceremonies, usually outdoors in the courtyard.