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San Francisco Zen Center Celebrates Earth Week 2013, CC 4/21 - 4/27

Pulpit rock

“Our tendency is to be interested in something that is growing in the garden,
not in the bare soil itself. But if you want to have a good harvest,
the most important thing is to make the soil rich and cultivate it well.
Buddha was interested in the ground from which various gardens will appear.
For him, everything is holy.”
- Suzuki Roshi, Not Always So

Zen Center was founded on the non-dualistic principle of humans and environment being one body. This naturally leads to sustainable practices of living in harmony with all beings and earth. As advocates for healthy relationships with all parts of the whole, many of the original practitioners who built Tassajara and Green Gulch and who collectively shaped the culture of all three temples, continue to find Zen practice expressed in their engaged environmental and social activism.

Join us as we celebrate sustainable milestones here at City Center: the solar panels installed in 2005 (which have paid for themselves and now enable us to receive credits from PG&E), the symbiotic relationship of our temple with organic farming (our food waste has for decades been a staple ingredient in the organic compost of Green Gulch Farm and more recently for Hayes Valley Farm), and our rooftop bee colonies (who share over 200 pounds of their honey with us each year!).

Earth Week 2013 is an opportunity for us to restate our commitment to sustainability and explore together with our wider urban sangha how we can continue to enhance our community’s ecological practices as well as our individual practices in an urban environment.

How –in an urban environment—do we honor Earth and recognize body as earth, earth as body? We welcome you to join the dialogue at City Center during Earth Week 2013:

Honoring Earth, The Four Elements Art Show, April 1 - 30
Friday, April 26, 7:30 - 9 pm,
City Center First Floor

Bay Area artists call upon the four elements for inspiration in this exhibition, which represents a broad spectrum of ecological and creative innovation. The montage will include sculptures of repurposed wood and upcycled wire, digital frames, photography, videography, watercolor, acrylic, oil & varnish on wood panel, carved bamboo, ceramics, and a dirtograph!

Zen and Urban Ecology Panel: Finding Your Ecosystem Where You Are
Wednesday, April 24, 7:30pm,
City Center
Dining Room

82% of all North Americans dwell in urban areas.
As Zen students, we continue to widen our awareness to include the urban as Earth and empower ourselves and others to be urban stewards in our daily life. Join us in exploring the meaning and significance of urban ecology. Panelists Kevin Bayuk, Nora Brereton, Alan Hawkins, Wendy Johnson, and Ezekial McCarter join Marcia Lieberman to share their work practices as urban ecologists, mindfully cultivating a loving awareness of Earth in the heart of the city.
Zen Center Children's Program
Saturday, April 27, 9:45am - 12:00pm
City Center Art Lounge/Hayes Valley Farm

The program will begin in the City Center Art Lounge with a greeting from Myogen Abbot Steve Stucky. We will tour the Zendo, introduce each other, and explore what it’s like to be in the space. The majority of the program will take place at local Hayes Valley Farm. Garden educators on the farm will lead us in a tour and age-appropriate gardening activities and games.

Dharma Talk by Central Abbot Myogen Steve Stücky
Saturday, April 27, 10:15am,
City Center
Buddha Hall

“Take care of the Earth as if it is your own body, because—in fact—it is your own body! Remembering that the Earth is you and you are the Earth is a fundamental practice."

- Central Abbot Myogen Steve Stücky

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“Green Fire” Film Showing and Discussion with the Filmmakers
Saturday, April 27, 7pm,
City Center
Dining Room

Green Fire is the first full-length documentary film ever made about legendary environmentalist Aldo Leopold.
It highlights Leopold’s extraordinary career, tracing how he shaped and influenced the modern environmental movement. The screening will be followed by a discussion with three of Green Fire’s filmmakers Steve & Ann Dunsky and Stephen Most.