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For Beginners

Zazen Meditation Instruction
Every Saturday 8:40 am

This weekly instruction will familiarize new students with the bare bones of sitting practice. Since each instructor emphasizes different elements of the basic teachings, new students are invited to attend this instruction as often as they wish. After attending meditation instruction for the first time, you are welcome to begin sitting in the zendo at the regularly scheduled times. No registration for zazen instruction is required.

Enter at 300 Page Street. Please arrive between 8:30 am and 8:45 am. Program funded by donation.

Introduction to Zendo Forms
Every Saturday 11:20 am - 12 noon

This weekly instruction will cover the "basics" of Zen forms for entering, exiting, and moving in the zendo. While not required—you can pick up these forms by watching closely and following what others do—the class is intended to provide a friendly orientation and space for Q&A. Since each instructor emphasizes different elements of the forms, new students are invited to attend this instruction as often as they wish.

Meet in the Buddha Hall at 300 Page Street after Saturday morning dharma talk. Program funded by donation.

Instrucción en meditación zen
[sábado 11:15am] - TBA

Instrucción en zazen (meditación) se ofrece en español para familiarizar a estudiantes recién llegados a San Francisco Zen Center con los detalles elementales de la práctica Soto Zen. La sesión se enfocará en diferentes aspectos de esta forma de meditación, tales como la postura, la tranquilidad mental, y como desarrollar una práctica a largo plazo. Esperemos que una vez que los estudiantes hayan completado una sesión, puedan sentarse cómodamente en el zendo (salón de meditación) durante las horas establecidas. No es necesario confirmar su asistencia.

Zazen for Beginners
Saturdays 9:25 am

This period of silent meditation is particularly for those who have had zazen instruction and are beginning their practice. A Senior Zen Center priest will be there to adjust posture.
Entrance on Laguna Street. Doors open at 9:10 am.

Saturday Sangha

The Saturday Sangha is a group that meets each week to help care for the public program at City Center. Individuals in the group learn a variety of basic zendo jobs, sometimes help in the kitchen, and generally pitch in to help the Saturday program. Click here for more information.

Guest Student Program

The guest student program is for visitors who wish to participate fully in our schedule for a limited time. (Click here for more information.)

Saturday Introductory Afternoon

This half-day course is ideal for those who have attended the Saturday morning meditation instruction and wish to learn more about the details of practice at City Center.

Sunday Beginners' Sittings

This sitting is for new students and those who wish to participate in a gentler schedule.