Gendo Lucy Xiao (玄道), DAOM

Gendo Lucy Xiao (玄道), DAOM

Rev. Gendo Lucy Xiao is a Zen priest and a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. She started practicing at San Francisco Zen Center in 2000, received priest ordination in 2010 and served as Shuso (head monk) at Tassajara Zen Mountain Center in winter 2014. She is most grateful to Ryushin Paul Haller Roshi, Sojun Mel Weitsman Roshi, and other elders who have kindly offered their guidance over the years.

Lucy was born in Guangzhou, China. As she was growing up during the Cultural Revolution, she witnessed a great deal of impermanence and suffering as well as kindness around her so that when she first encountered the teaching of the Buddha, it completely resonated in her. Life brought her to the U.S. in 1988, yet she found herself going back to the roots of her heritage. While on a pilgrimage at Wutai Mountain, a chance meeting with the late Elder Ven. Yanlin changed the course of her life. Along the way she met a number of teachers who had great influences on her including the late Dr. Wang Juyi who inspired her to study the healing art of Chinese Medicine, and Ven. Hongjue whose embodiment of practice showed her both depth and straightforwardness of the Dharma.

Lucy has been developing her own expression of Zen practice which has a somewhat “hybrid” flavor. Currently she resides at City Center, and is connected with the wider world through her healing work.



2000年始在铃木俊龍大师创办的旧金山禅修中心 (San Francisco Zen Center) 习禅,多年来有幸师从禅修中心前住持龍心长老 (Ryushin Roshi) 和铃木大师亲传弟子、柏克莱禅修中心住持宗纯长老 (Sojun Roshi)。2010年剃度,2014年在塔撒哈拉禅山中心 (Tassajara Zen Mountain Center) 任首座,现任旧金山禅修中心常住导师,在修行和教学上综合东西方元素,别具一格。