The Zen Way: The Principles and Practices of Zen (class), CC 1/30 – 3/13

With Urban Temple Dharma Teacher Ryushin Paul Haller
in the City Center dining room

January 30 – March 13, 2017      
Seven Mondays, 7:30 – 9 pm

From Joshu's "Have you eaten lunch? Then wash your bowl," to Dogen Zenji's "between aspiration, practice, enlightenment, and nirvana, there is not a moment’s gap," Zen teachings embrace both the practical and the profound aspects of our human lives. The marketplace and the monastery coexist as we try to take care of our lives and discover the preciousness of being alive. The interplay of these requests challenges us to discover the heart of Zen practice: integrating “just doing” and “just being.” Continually returning to the discovery of Beginner’s Mind that both cultivates and expresses awakening in each moment. These practices help us contact our experience and discover how to alleviate our suffering and live more authentically.

While it may be taken separately, the class is intended to compliment the activities of the Winter 2017 Practice Period, whether they are practiced at Zen Center or at home.

In this class, we’ll study the term “the Zen way” and how this “way” initiates both centeredness and engagement in the activities of daily life. The texts will be from both early Buddhism and Zen, including teachings on mindfulness and breathing and the teachings of Dogen Zenji and Suzuki Roshi. We will look at how these teachings give rise to the traditional practices of Zen and how they can guide and support mindfulness in both the activities of daily life and our relationships. The class is appropriate for beginners and for those who wish to support and deepen their practices.

Fee: $140; $126, current SFZC members; $84, limited income. Some partial scholarships available.

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