The Heart of the Zen Way (class), CC 1/28 – 3/11

With Ryushin Paul Haller
in the City Center Dining Room

  Seven Mondays, January 28 – March 11, 7:30 – 9 pm

Being present and experiencing what’s happening is the essence of Zen practice. Sustaining the intention to be present is the Heart of the Zen Way. It arises in the heart and reveals the heart. Although presence requires no special abilities or accomplishments, it reveals the nature of being and liberation. Fear subsides and life blossoms (and shows us the compassion and wisdom of the Way). The Heart Sutra, the articulation of this Way, describes this practice through negations, “no path-insight-attainment and nothing to attain.”

Inviting each practitioner to let go of fixed ideas and to realize directly the wisdom and compassion of liberation.

In this class we will discuss the teachings of the Heart Sutra and how they provide the basis for Zen traditional practices. Challenging us to experience the interbeing expressed by fully engaging the circumstances of our lives while not getting stuck in the reality they create.

Fees: $140; $126 current SFZC members; $84 limited income. Some partial scholarships available.

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