Exploring the Illuminating Source of Just Sitting (class), CC 10/11 – 11/29

With Gendo Lucy Xiao
in the City Center dining room

  Thursdays, October 11 – November 29, 7:30 – 9 pm (7 class meetings; no class on November 22)

This class will explore the practice of “just sitting” or “shikantaza” (Chinese: zhiguan dazuo), the hallmark of Soto Zen (Chinese: Caodong Chan) through studying teachings from some of the most prominent Zen masters in the history of China. The class will consist of lectures, discussions, inquiries, sitting meditation, and will also introduce certain Zen phrases in Chinese characters (Japanese: kanji) and explain their meaning in cultural and Zen context. The topics include:

  • The historical background of Soto Zen in China and the practice of “Silent Illumination” (Chinese: mozhao), later known as “just sitting.”
  • Teachings and stories of Chinese Zen masters such as the sixth ancestor Huineng and Dongshan (founder of Soto Zen in China).
  • What do these teachings awaken and inspire in you?
  • What are the foundations and conditions that support your practice, and what are the challenges and obstacles?
  • What is “just sitting” in your everyday life?

Fees: $140; $126 current SFZC members; $84 limited income. Some partial scholarships available.

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