Entering the Dharma Gates of Zen Practice (class), CC 1/29 – 3/12

With Gendo Lucy Xiao
in the Dining Room

  Seven Tuesdays, January 29 – March 12, 7:30 – 9 pm

While Zen is about seeing directly into the nature of the self, one can enter the path through many Dharma gates. This class will give an overview of Zen practice, introduce the principles and methods of several traditional practices, and explore how they can be used as skillful means to illuminate the nature of the self.

The following topics will be discussed and practiced during the class:

  • Creating supportive conditions for practice
  • Relaxation and warm-up exercises
  • Being upright and open – working with posture, breath and mind
  • Styles of meditation – samatha (calming), vipassana (insight) and shikantaza (just sitting)
  • Bowing and chanting as body-mind practice
  • Developing the inquiring mind with gong-an (koan) and hua-tou (word head)
  • Working with hinderances
  • Understanding causes and conditions
  • Cultivating Bodhicitta – the mind of wisdom and compassion

Fees: $140; $126 current SFZC members; $84 limited income. Some partial scholarships available.

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