Living in Harmony with Nature - Self-care for the Spring Season, CC 3/11

With Dr. Lucy Xiao
in the City Center dining room

     Saturday, March 11, 1:30 – 5 pm

How do we take care of our body and mind as the natural world goes through seasonal changes? This workshop will introduce an important concept and practice in Traditional Chinese Medicine called “Yang Sheng,” or “Nourishing Life.” One of its key understandings is that we are not separate from our environment and are part of Nature. In order to maintain a healthy balance of body and mind, we need to live in harmony with Nature when it moves through different seasons and elements. As Spring is around the corner, this session will discuss the characteristics of the Spring season and how to take care of our physical and emotional health and adjust our diet and sleep accordingly. We’ll also introduce acupressure points and traditional self-care exercises for the season.

Fees: $50; $45 current SFZC members; $40 limited income. Some partial scholarships available (see About Registration, Scholarships and Cancellations).

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