Buddhist Ethics: In a World of Greed, Hate, and Delusion, CC 10/28

With Kyosho Valorie Beer
in the Conference Center at 308 Page Street

Saturday, October 28, 1:30 – 4:30 pm

This half-day workshop will focus on the practical basics of “do no harm” in an ethically challenged world.

Bodhisattvas vow to help all beings. But is it enough just to want to do good? What about when things go horribly wrong, despite our best intentions? What about when the desire for revenge and retaliation hijacks our own good sense? Although the concepts of sin and redemption aren’t in the Buddhist vocabulary, there is nevertheless a very strong emphasis on ethical conduct.

In this workshop, we’ll look at the traditional Buddhist definitions of ethical and unethical behavior, examine our own “excuses” for why we might choose to act in less-than-ethical ways, and discuss current events in our lives that put us in ethical dilemmas and how we might resolve them in ways that don’t cause further suffering.

Fees: $50; $45 current SFZC members; $40 limited income. Some partial scholarships available.

To Register: please call the City Center main office at (415.863.3136) or the SFZC Reservations Office toll free at (888.743.9362) or our local number (415.475.9362)

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