Body-Heart-Mind Inner Dialogue: Moving Towards Healing Relational Trauma, CC 7/14

With Rev Jiko Jane Lazar and Alexis Stricker
Conference Center, 308 Page Street

     Saturday, July 14, 1 – 5 pm

Dogen said, “To study the Buddha Way is to study the self …”

This workshop provides a unique portal for studying the self, through turning mindfulness inward and giving a voice to three aspects of our experience: the body (sensation), the heart (emotions), and the mind (thoughts and beliefs).

We are designed to be in balance, to breathe fully and experience a sense of ease and flow in our bodies as we engage with life. If there has been relational trauma, we probably had to disconnect from our feelings and needs (our hearts and bodies), as a way to be safe in an environment that may not have been safe. This was a wise strategy at the time, but most often these early patterns remain throughout adulthood without being updated to present time.

As we seek more clarity and ease, we often think of the mind as the preferred mode of understanding; however, the mind is limited and tends to dominate, and it can get in the way of deeper awareness. The body-heart-mind dialogues allow us to experience a more intimate connection to ourselves: to our own feelings, needs, and to the wisdom of the heart and body, which are often overlooked.

This workshop helps us to discover and give voice to the body, heart and mind centers. How are they relating to each other? Do they listen to each other? Are they in conflict? Are they collaborative? Are they speaking from the past, predicting the future based on a past experience, or are they in the present? Is any part missing its voice? Most often we are not attentive to these three voice centers simultaneously, and we inadvertently allow one voice to block out or override the others. When heard, the voices can eventually find consensus and experience a feeling of inner unity. From a more stable and balanced connection to ourselves, we find more ease in relating with others and the world.

The workshop consists of experiential exercises, some didactic presentation, and discussion. Practices for settling the nervous system, taken from Somatic Experiencing™ will be offered in addition to the dialogues. All exercises are optional.

Fees: $60; $54 current SFZC members; $48 limited income. Some partial scholarships available.

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