Experience & Investigation: Studying the Six Paramitas (Class), CC 1/30 – 3/13

With Kyoshin Wendy Lewis and Tenzen David Zimmerman

Seven Tuesdays, January 30 – March 13, 7:30 – 9 pm
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The six paramitas or perfections—generosity, morality, tolerance, energy, meditation, and wisdom—are virtues or ideals that offer a path to awakening and freedom. As such, they provide concrete guidance for developing character as well as positive means of ethical action for daily living. The perfections are meant to be practiced in conjunction with each other. Beginning with the perspective of generosity, a foundation is established for engaging the next five. Then the sixth, wisdom, washes back over the former five to reinvigorate the process and deepen cultivation.

This class proposes both an experiential and investigative approach to the six perfections. Through lectures, exercises, discussions, and take-home practices, we will enhance our familiarity with these transformational practices with an eye toward embodying their wisdom. The text will be The Six Perfections: Buddhism and the Cultivation of Character by Dale Wright.

Fees: $140; $126 current SFZC members; $84 limited income. Some partial scholarships available. Note: The fee for this class is automatically included in the fee for Online and Commuter participation.

To Register: Please complete the online registration form or call the City Center main office at 415.863.3136 or the SFZC Reservations Office at 888.743.9362 or 415.475.9362.

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