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Dear Tassajara Guest,

We have just completed the 92nd Tassajara practice period a few days before Christmas, which gave me the rare opportunity to spend three consecutive months in this beautiful valley with its fabulous hot springs. Tassajara offers itself so perfectly for monastic meditation retreats from Fall to Spring, and then for personal retreats and rest and rejuvenation during the Spring to Fall guest season.

Over the past several months we could see and feel the season changing — from warm, sun-filled days and golden leaved trees to very cold days and long nights. Now all the leaves have fallen and the winter sun is covering everything with a glowing orange hue. We are still waiting and hoping for rain, which has been very, very sparse so far.

The new Temple Gate, built by Paul Discoe and many volunteers, is almost finished and will be ready to welcome everyone this coming summer. Beautifully crafted LED lights are now illuminating the pathways, courtyard and bathhouse at night, replacing all but a couple of kerosene lanterns. We are also working on introducing fire-safe indoor lighting in the cabins.

Gratitude and appreciation accompany our lives and practice — for Suzuki Roshi, who infused Tassajara with his great, enduring Zen heart and spirit; for all the students who have lived here through the years, maintaining this precious place; for the county agencies that keep the road maintained; for the fire fighters who helped keep it safe from three big fires; for all the people who support us during work weeks, and ... for all of you, returning and new guests who come here to replenish body and soul.

We look forward to welcoming you again,

Kiku Christina Lehnherr
Abiding Abbess, SFZC City Center