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Daigan Lueck

Daigan Lueck, a Zen Buddhist priest, poet, and painter, was a long-time resident practitioner, having lived at all three San Francisco Zen Center locations. He passed away in residence at Green Gulch Farm on April 26, 2015. The following is what he wrote for his bio on the website in 2011.

Everyone has a story, a million of them. Odd lots and short pieces sewn together, a tapestry narrative that testifies to a mytho-poetic version of the past. I was this and did that. Or else as statistics, places & dates. I began as a resident work student at Green Gulch Farm in the late summer of 1984, having before that time sat at different times at both GGF and City Center as a guest student, and after a few years took priest ordination and some years later Dharma Transmission from former abbot Norman Fischer. Spent eight years at Tassajara, married Arlene, maybe the smartest thing I ever did. Am in general tolerated if not outright loved for my grouchy side by many. Will turn 81 next month, January 2012. Thus it can be said with some truth that I bide my time or much of it being witness and observer in exquisite detail of the condition known as being old seen in the light of that everlasting question, namely, what does it mean, if meaning there be, to be a human being? In any case, I still teach classes, give talks and meet with the new students here at Green Gulch when called upon.

See also: Raising a Bell Tower: A Message from Arlene Lueck (about making donations in memory of Daigan).