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Tassajara Needs Vehicle Bodhisattvas

We thank the Truck & 4WD SUV Bodhisattvas who have taken care of Tassajara over the years. The truck consumed by fire demons has been replaced, but we are still short of reliable wheels (there are rock, gully, mileage and steep-grade demons, too).

Here’s the scoop (and the need):

1) a mid-sized SUV with four-wheel drive and low range capacity in good running condition

2) a small pickup for use in Tassajara to replace the Chevy--a four or two-wheel drive in good running condition.

Age is not so important if they have been maintained well and not used off road much. An older 4Runner with 100,000 miles on it could still give many years of reliable service.

If you are interested in offering a truck, or have a line on a truck, please contact Keith Meyerhoff directly at Tassajara: 831-659-2229. THANK YOU!