The Three Pure Precepts

The Three Pure Precepts are inseparable from the bodhisattva practice taught at Zen Center. They represent the aspiration of every bodhisattva.

To do no evil:
To do no evil means to refrain from causing harm to oneself, to others, to animals, to plants, to the Earth, to the waters and to the air.

To do good:
To do good means to uncover and to act from the loving kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy and equanimity of our awakened nature. In our effort to live ethically, we embrace and rely upon the time-honored Mahayana practices of confession, repentance, atonement, and reconciliation.

To save all beings:
To save all beings means to offer people the opportunity to discover and express their awakened nature. In creating this opportunity we recognize the importance of maintaining a balance between an individual's negotiation of the Way and Zen Center's collective religious and institutional needs. When there is a perceived conflict between these, the process of open communication and clarification is a practice of "saving all beings."